Costa Rica is Diversity

Costa Rica is diversity

Costa Rica is Diversity

If there is one thing that makes Costa Rica stand out, it is the diversity when it comes to wildlife, landscapes, peoples, and cultures.  With such variability, comes intrinsic respect for not only our similarities but also our differences and Costa Rican`s or Tico`s as we like to be called, live happier lives because of it.  Costa Rica is Diversity.

Not only will you feel welcomed when visiting Costa Rica by the happy Ticos, but you will also be in awe of its beauty.  So, it is of no surprise that this little piece of paradise, is not only considered one of the happiest countries in the world, it has also just been recognized as one of the most beautiful according to Conde Nast Traveller!  Get ready to swoon!

Eco-luxury and Diversity

One of the great aspects of visiting Costa Rica is that most of the hotels are small and many are eco-luxury offering unique experiences, privacy and close to nature adventures for all types of travelers. These are especially welcoming for the ever-growing LGTB world travelers and does Costa Rica have some great places for you!  

One of those places is the Toscana D`Atenas which is not only beautiful, it also has the perfect location to delight in the best of all worlds; the sea, the city, and the mountains! If you can pull yourself away from the spectacular infinity pool with breathtaking views or the Vinoteca to do some sightseeing, the next decision to make is what to do as the options are bountiful.

The diversity of tours and adventure!

Costa Rica has some amazing beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and they are easy to get to.  Manuel Antonio has been an LGTB beach destination favorite for many years in Costa Rica and not only does it have some great beaches, but you can also visit the national park, have some really delicious meals and the adventure activities on the sea and on the land are awesome! From Toscana D`Atenas, you are only a couple of hours away so you can catch the sunset at the beach and be “home” for dinner!

The Los Suenos Marina is just an hour away from your mountain retreat and a boat tour is a great way to see the coastline from a different perspective.  Toscana D`Atenas can organize a private tour to do some snorkeling, fishing or a sunset tour as it circles the beaches and headlands.  Enjoy a day on the water, in the seclusion of your private space with your partner or party!

After some great sunny tropical time at the beach, you can do some exploring of the mountain ranges that Costa Rica boasts. Toscana D`Atenas is actually on the slopes of the mountainside so you get birds-eye views from the privacy of the property that overlook the Central Valley that is home to the capital city of San Jose.

Just a few hours from Toscana D`Atenas, you will find the majestic Arenal Volcano that is sleepy at the moment but is maybe Costa Rica`s most iconic landmarks. When you see you will appreciate why.   This near-perfect cone-shaped volcano is a sight to see and provides us with natural thermal springs that are relaxing and therapeutic.  

Nightlife at the local town of La Fortuna is fun and relaxing with lots of open-air, string lighted restaurants and bars around the plaza making hopping between them easily. A great dinner is just perfect after a day of adventure because there is lots of it in this corner of the rainforest!   This is where you can do some zip-lining, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, animal watching. So your day can start off with some adventure, the afternoon in the natural thermal springs and great dinner downtown. Perfection!

Day and night trips! 

For day trips from Toscana D`Atenas, the surrounding mountains are full of possibilities for you! Check out the Poas Volcano which is active and you can look down into its crater before visiting a working coffee farm because this is Costa Rica and we know that the coffee is the best!   There are some great places for some hearty local food and of course, some even better coffee so come to the mountains for the day.

San Jose, the country`s capital city is undergoing a well-deserved renovation and there are wonderful new spaces and experiences to feel the “Pura Vida” vibe which are diversity-friendly and lots of fun too! Whether you prefer a cultural experience, some amazing food, and drinks, to dance the night away or all three, the city is small and vibrant in different pockets of diversion!  And it`s all only an hour from Toscana D`Atenas which makes it all the better.  

Welcome to Paradise

In May 2020, Costa Rica will join the ever-growing list of countries where same-sex marriage is legal which is wonderful news for the local and international community.  This is a reflection of the direction this beautiful tourist destination is taking regarding welcoming diversity. Many hotels and companies have come on board to offer LGBT friendly opportunities in every corner of the country so welcome to paradise!

Toscana D`Atenas can assist you in designing your unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica and taking you to places where you can enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica and its happy people and the richness in its diversity. As the country opens its doors to new possibilities for the LGBT community, it is the perfect time to come and enjoy this eco-luxury, adventure-driven destination.


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