As Oliverri beautifully put it “Wine is the only artwork you can drink”.  This truth touches the heart even more when relaxing in the Vinoteca at Toscana D`Atenas Villa during your luxury vacation in Costa Rica.

Surrounded by spectacular views in the comfort of the exquisitely designed lounge room, the Vinoteca brings on a whole new meaning for great wine and even better conversations while staying at this intimate boutique villa in Atenas, Costa Rica.


A specially designed wine cellar in yet another of the many entertainment spaces called “La Vinoteca” is a unique area for wine tastings or Sunday Brunch alike.

La toscana Hills

Just off to the side of the infinity pool, the Vinoteca invites you to sit back after a day of fun, relaxation or adventure and enjoy the changing hues of the sunset with a smooth red or a refreshing white to accompany your meal while chatting about the day that was and that is to come.  The Vinoteca becomes the space for storytelling while savoring the wine, the ambiance and the moment.

La Toscana Hills

This wine cellar provides fabulous opportunities to enjoy unique experiences while in Costa Rica.  The combination of summer breezes, great artwork, an exceptional selection of wines, amazing valley views all in one place. This could well become your favorite entertaining space during your stay at this luxury retreat.